How we got Started.

magic eco is the first tech start-up who built Internet of things software platform over open source hardware in Korea
and experienced engineersand a product manager and strategist who used to work for Samsung founded.
We develop the true eco-system of Internet of things by connecting things around us to mobile environment, in order to create the new values.
We’re considering how to make human-centric value chains.
As a result, we developed IoT PaaS(Platform as a Service) and prototyped LumiSmart, a smart desk lamp as the first IoT product using our platform.
We launched it thru Indiegogo, a crowd-sourcing platform, in order to present our potential vision.

Business Areas.

IoT SW Platform

magic eco IoT SW Platform is to manage connected IoT Smart Device and to handle various device data.
IoT SW Platform gives companies and people the ability to build, laugh and run their connected IoT Products and Service.

  • Scale to transmit and store data
  • Support various connection protocol
  • Authentication and access management
  • Simple Open API

IoT Smart Device

IoT Smart Device should support various wireless communication protocol and diverse sensors and actuators. Magic eco has ability to make IoT Smart Device HW and SW in house through making magic eco IoT Devices like Lumi Smart, Smart Socket, Smart Speaker etc. magic eco can make IoT Smart Device as soon as possible using magic eco Standard HW Platform and SW Platform.

  • Standard HW Platform and SW Platform
  • Support Open-source HW and SW
  • Could be connected to Magic eco IoT SW Platform

Collaboration for manufacturing 2.0

magic eco thinks that it is very important to collaborate with other companies. magic eco always tries to find a way to  drive product/ business transformation in the Internet of Things. magic eco has a service for partners.

  • Developing prototype device
  • Using Open Source HW/SW
  • Leverage an ecosystem of IoT Exports (consulting)
  • Support End-to-End IoT Solution

Business Strategy.

IoT Business
  • IoT Product Consulting
  • IoT Product Patent
  • Prototype Development
IoT Device Development
  • IoT Controller
  • Communication Unit
  • Product Optimization
IoT App/ Cloud Service
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Service
  • Service Rule Engine
IoT Data Analysis
  • Consumer Data Analysis
  • Company Data Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
magic eco

Core Competitiveness.

  • Customizable Service Rule Engine :  Service prototyping in 30 days
  • Component-based Cloud Platform for various customer requirements :  based on Common Sensor Cloud
  • IoT Platform for Data Tech :  User-based Service optimization and data-based personalized Service
  • Fast Prototype development :  available in 60 days if using OSHW

Our History.