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Business Model.

We are working hard to make connections between devices, users and company.
magic eco help user and company who want to find value from sensor’s data using magic eco’s IoT Cloud Platform.
There is our business model in it.

  • Selling own IoT products
  • Cooperation with other manufacturer ( consulting, licensing )
  • End-User Charged service
  • Developing additional service with other service company
magic eco IoT SW Platform

Core Technology.

Our goal is to develop IoT Platform Tech for gathering, storing, analysing data through wired/wireless communication method. We are developing many HW/SW components for our goal.

  • Supporting various IoT protocol
  • Device wireless HW Module/┬áData analysing
  • Supporting different connection type for various connection environment
Core Technology

Sensor Cloud Platform.

We have already various devices. Each devices has many sensors and measures our environment. most of these data are thrown out until now though the data could be valuable. Sensor Cloud Platform is magic eco IoT Platform for sensor’s data. Sensor Cloud Platform provide many functions for gathering, storing, managing and analysing Sensor’s Data.

Core Technology


There are many devices. some of those devices have way to send data. but some of them do not.
magic eco Gateway could help these devices which have limited connection ability to connect with Sensor Cloud.

magic eco IoT SW Platform

Why you will use it.

Sensor Cloud provide easy way to gather, store, and manage various and vast sensor data.
if you would use Sensor Cloud, you could make sensor server on your own. and you could get support from IoT experts.


Simple Interface

Interactive dashboards and visualizations

Sigle Sign-On

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin


You datas across all your devices



User datas by dashboard


For logs of users and devices

Easy Production

From mobile to cloud


Efficiently manage devices

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