Ergo Desk

More than a desk.


You usually read books, study something and make you bright future on a Desk. Ergo Desk help you do what you want to do on a Desk.
Ergo Desk tracks when you work, when you take a rest to suggest the best time you work.

– Track working time and height of desk
– Auto adjusting desk height level
– Alert System for better working pattern
– Calculating calorie
– Mobile Apps (controlling desk, showing informations)


August, 2016

Simple & Modern control box

Ergo Desk is controlled by small, simple and modern control box.
This control box can help you adjust height of desk by simple gesture.
We try to keep control box simple though Ergo Desk has many advanced sensors and features.

Connected to the Cloud

Ergo Desk is designed to be connected to Cloud Computer Environments from the beginning.
User Profiles are managed on the Cloud. every data from ErgoDesk Sensors are saved on the Cloud to analyze.
It is easy to apply you profile to other Ergo Desk. Your profile and data are safe on the Cloud.

Sensing usages

Ergo Desk is always trying to know what you want to do though various sensors.
Ergo Desk adjusts the height of the desk when you approach to work.
Ergo Desk records when you work, how much you stand and sit by proximity sensor.
Ergo Desk has many other sensors to make you archive what you want.

Ergo desk can help you understand yourself

Ergo desk always tries to know how much you work, how much you take a rest and when you prefer to work.
Ergo desk analyzed information is provided on dashboard on the web and the mobile app.