Lumi Smart

Bright life with Lumi Smart.


Lumi Smart is a smart desk lamp on IoT technology.
It is not a just smart lamp, but the integration of software, sensors
and user experiences. This resolution desk lamp will change your lifestyle
by connecting you to tons of possibilities.

– App Store for Lumi Smart
– Programming with Drag & Drop
– Monitoring Environment with a lot of sensors
– Changing Lamp Color on Mobile App


December, 2013

Save Energy

Lumi Smart has both White LED(Light Emitting Diode) and RGB(Red, Green, Blue) LED.
These LEDs not only light up you workplace with vivid tone, but also save energy.
Lumi Smart is smart enough to turn off lights when you are away.

Control Lumi Smart with your Smart Phone

Smart Phone(iOS, Android) is able to be a remote controller for Lumi Smart.
You can controller Lumi Smart With one touch.

– turn on/off
– adjust brightness
– change LED color
– take a picture
– run apps

Lumi Smart knows what you do

Lumi Smart has various sensors to detect human movements, noise level in the room, brightness, temperature, humidity, etc. and hte built-in speaker is always ready to talk to you.

You can download many apps from Lumi Smart Apps Store

You are always more than welcome to download Lumi Smart apps.
One-click is sufficient to obtain an app, and each app offers you a new function.

You can make Lumi Smart smarter

Lumi Smart provides authoring tool to make you own programs.
You can use sensors, TTS and Twitter message in simple blocks.
Programing with Lumi Smart is simple that you just drag and drop a few blocks.