Medicine Checker

You can't forget you take your medicine.


Medicine Checker’s purpose is simple and clear. Medicine checker help you take you medicine on schedule.
you cannot keep you healthy if you forgot you take a medicine.
Medicine Checker alert you when you should have them. and Medicine Checker records when you have. This information could be useful to keep you healthy.

– save medicine schedules
– alert system (buzz, LED)
– counting remained medicines
– record taken time
– two type of medicine checker


July, 2015

Connected to the Cloud

Medicine Checker is designed to be connected to Cloud Computer Environments from the beginning.
User Profile and Schedules are managed on the Cloud. and Every data from the Sensors are saved on the Cloud to analyze. Your profile and data are safe on the Cloud.


It is important to take a medicine on schedule.
You can put your medicine on your Medicine Checker and set schedules. Medicine Checker let you know when you should take a medicine. If you don’t have a medicine, Medicine Checker send a message to your family.

Medicine Checker tracks and analyses information

This information can be used as basic information to you keep your health.
the analyzed information is provided on dashboard on the web and the mobile app to your doctor and your family.