Smart Speaker_Qbic

Control Speaker by Action Gesture.


Qbic looks just like normal and small bluetooth speaker. but it has more powerful features.
Qbic provides new user experiences you never seen before through various sensors as Smart IoT Speaker. as well as Cubic analyzes user data to future services.

– Powerful bluetooth speaker
– Support new Action Gesture using Gyro and accelerator Sensors
– Various Sensor to Recognize Environments
– Ambient light sensor, MIC, Temperature, Humidity, Gyro, Accelerator
– Connected to Mobile App
– Data Analyzing on Cloud Server


December, 2014

Bluetooth Speaker and more.

Qbic looks small speaker. but Qbic is more then that.

Qbic is powerful Bluetooth speaker and IoT Device with various sensors.

You can control Qbic by Action Gesture or Mobile App.

You can see all information like playlist, temperature, humidity, brightness, etc.

data will be analyzed on the cloud server.